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Zarin Farook

ACT: 34

"I loved the personal nature of the course, as Teja knew my individual goals regarding the ACT and consequently tailored the course specifically so that my needs and goals were met. He spent countless hours teaching me one-on-one until I not only understood, but also was very confident with, the content of each section and the strategies needed to succeed in them. Teja was a constant source of knowledge, encouragement, and support..."

- Zarin, International Academy East

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We are more than tutors - we are a group of mentors that teach from experience. Founded by Teja in 2012, the mission was to provide a well structured, student first model that will motivate and instill the confidence in every child to provide them the tools to achieve their goals. With a community structured mindset, we provide help to every walk of life. At the end of the day, we want you to come to us with any question or advice and we make it our daily mission to provide you with the best care possible.

We provide help in all subjects from 1st grade to 12th including honors, AP, and IB courses. Along with subjects, we specialize in the PSAT, ACT, and SAT exams with further support with college application process. Contact us today for a free 1 on 1 meeting to see how we can assist your students goals.

Call: 248-705-6289


Success Stories

Raj Merchant

Novi High School


As a junior, I came to Teja Learning Center with both limited knowledge of standardized tests, and a lack of desire to learn about them. Test prep was something I had never looked upon in a favorable light, as it seemed like a long, drawn-out process. Teja changed all of that. It taught me the value of standardized testing, and how a small test can have a monumental impact on my future. Teja, not only trained me with strategies and tips to be successful on the test, but it instilled within me something far greater. Teja, truly showed me the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher. As a student at a top school district I was used to having good teachers, but Teja showed me greatness. Teja and I built a relationship beyond simply test prep, he taught me lessons in all walks of life. Whether they be motivational, or curriculum based, his little speeches drove me to do better, for myself and for him. His availability at all hours of the day was paramount in his success, something that few other teachers can say they are. He sincerely puts the same amount, if not more effort than the student does to be successful. Teja, I can honestly say, altered the direction of my life, from being complacent to being driven.

Sucess Stories


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